Partnering with CRI Advantage in the U.S.

FreeSoft and CRI has teamed up to deliver complex legacy modernization projects for public and private customers all accross the USA. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho with offices in Idaho Falls, Idaho and Washington D.C., CRI Advantage is one of the best known and most successful privately held Information Technology (IT) consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest. It has been providing business consulting and IT solutions and services to small and medium sized businesses, Fortune 100 companies, state and local entities, and federal government agencies for the past 28 years.

Converting ObjectStar

Recently we have warmed up our activity related to TIBCO ObjectStar conversions to Java that we had already started once years ago. Considering the uniqueness of the OBS rule based platform and its control by Metastore, finding a feasible way to convert ObjectStar applications to a web based Java architecture proved to be an exciting technical challenge. Contact us for further information!

MongoDB partnership

FreeSoft has become a partner for MongoDB reported as the leading NoSQL database, with significant adoption among the Fortune 500 and Global 500. Besides traditional SQL based database engines we started to use MongoDB NoSQL database in our internal development projects two years ago. We have also found that MongoDB might also be a good choice for storing legacy data migrated from pre-relational systems where it offers valuable compatibility with legacy type data access methods. As read in an interesting post recently: “They are no longer viewed as antagonists to relational systems, but as systems with special, unique capabilities."