Code/ Application conversion services

Code/ Application conversion services

  • Legacy Assessment

    Discovery process including a full source code analysis for legacy applications and environments. Complete inventory of software components with various management measures, cross-reference information, call-trees and many more for impact analysis and planning.

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  • Database migration

    Migration of entire legacy databases to relational models or NoSQL solutions. Automated processes for schema migration and normalization and ETL processes for data migration.

  • Code conversion

    Full functional conversion of legacy applications to the Java or .NET technology stack while keeping the original data and services unchanged. Transformation to a web based arhitecture without impact on end-users.

  • Test automation

    Automation tools to support the regression testing and QA in legacy migration and modernization projects. AppTester is part of our modernization framework, specifically designed and integrated into our modernization technology and services.

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Application / Code conversion

We provide 100% functional migration of application source code to more modern languages and/or new platforms by using LiberatorWorkbench, our unique framework for legacy modernization.
Our tool converts all components of any existing system, so it creates a complete application including business logic, data access and user interface, this way ensuring that a not only components but functional system is implemented by the modernization process. The impact on users is minimized, as the migrated application keeps the original functionality unchanged and the system provides the original identical services either in on-line or batch mode.
On the target side we support the two main technology stacks for enterprise software development either Java or .NET.
The style and syntax of the converted source code can be adjusted in the converter as per your needs to ease the on-going maintenance effort and SDLC processes of your team.