COBOL conversion

COBOL conversion to Java or .NET

CodeLiberator converts Mainframe or open system COBOL applications to either the Java or .NET platform including the business logic, data access and the user interface.
When the underlying database is migrated, the data access statements are properly converted depending on the target database which can be relational engines (Oracle, DB2/UDB, MSSQL, etc.) but also NoSQL solutions or simply files. We support different kinds of data access types like separated DAO to keep it transparent or standard SQL.
Various types of user interface solutions typical to COBOL e.g. CICS/BMS or IMS/DC are also converted to the target that can be JSF or platform independent HTML/JavaScript (reactive programming).
All COBOL specific language elements (REDEFINE; built-in functions; statements) are fully supported by the solution. We also retain the copybook architecture to provide maintainable code and retain code-reuse concept. The syntax and structure of the code is straightforward and simple to follow both for new developers and COBOL programmers as well as it reflects the naming convention and division/section structure of the original programs.