Do you sell the product licences (COTS) of your tools or do you sell services?

We sell services and we have a reason to do so. We believe this is the only way we can guarantee that the end product of the project is a functional, productive system and not just a bunch of database and application components in intermediate state, still requiring a significant amount of resources and a long time to be properly implemented.
Please visit our methodology page for more information and also request a live demonstration so that we can show you how our tools work!

Do you provide us with data unload and load tools for data migration?

Besides automated data schema migration our framework fully supports data ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) processes during database migration. Generally our database migration tool called the DataLiberator uses the data extract or unload prepared by standard utilities of the legacy database systems. DataLiberator processes the unloaded data files to prepare data for the data load, and also generates the proper scripts for the DBA to load the data in a fully automated way. The data transformation and load processes are repeatable anytime by minimal effort, practically by launching the controller scripts provided by the tool.
Please visit our Tools page for further information on DataLiberator and other tools in our unique modernization framework.