EGL to Java Conversion

EGL conversion to Java

FreeSoft’s unified CodeLiberator code conversion tool now supports conversion of EGL applications to Java the same way as other legacy languages. After EGL conversion the migrated Java application provides original equivalent data and services either in on-line mode and batch processing. The EGL to Java conversion project leaves business as usual, the impact on daily operations is minimized. The Java application after EGL transformation works the original identical way and Java provides the same services and user experience as the legacy EGL application. The back-end DB2 or other database can be used after the Java conversion without any change, or it might be migrated by DataLiberator to the preferred RDBMS engine like Oracle, MSSQL, DB2/UDB etc.

Transformation of EGL COBOL and EGL Java

Either you operate EGL COBOL or EGL Java in your legacy Mainframe or open system environment, FreeSoft’s CodeLiberator can convert your programming objects to Java objects that can be deployed seamlessly in the target environment. After conversion to Java you won’t need to maintain EGL programs in your SDLC any more, all dependencies from EGL are removed by migrating to a pure Java architecture.
FreeSoft converts your source code to real Java code for humans and not “machine” code that is hard or impossible to maintain. The quality, syntax and amount of the Java sources code is proper for daily maintenance and on-going development by your software development team.
The functions and features of the EGL platform are fully supported by the LiberatorWorkbench conversion framework to implement the original identical business functionality of programs in the Java technology stack, without the need for any EGL component in the future.

EGL on-line conversion to web or Java GUI

The converted EGL online application can be deployed in practically any Java application server. Depending on your choice we convert to pure HTML/JSON architecture where you access your application via web browser, or the application can also run with JavaFX GUI. Both case the system can be hosted in a web/application server, the communication between client and server is via http.
The structure and the functions of the converted online screens are identical to the original screens so there is no disruption for the end-user.

EGL batch conversion to Java batch

EGL batch programs are also converted to Java programs with CodeLiberator and might be packaged in simple Java archives or deployed in some specific batch containers (e.g. SPRING batch) after EGL conversion. The Java batch programs expect the same arguments and input data as the original EGL programs for execution. The converted Java programs process the same input and output data sets like work files and print files, this way the results are fully identical with the original ones so the impact on operational environment (data for export/import; FTP, SORT, printing; etc.) is either entirely eliminated or minimized. Any other technical aspects (EBCDIC datasets, etc.) of the transition from one platform to the other is covered and supported during EGL conversion by FreeSoft.

If you operate EGL applications and have a need for modernization or you are simply interested, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a personalized demonstration so we can drive you through the process of converting EGL COBOL or Java to a fully functional pure Java application without any future dependencies to EGL platform.

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