Our tools

LiberatorWorkbench: Unified framework for legacy modernization

news-image-1LiberatorWorkbench is a set of tools and methods developed and maintained by FreeSoft for automated legacy modernization and migration. The framework contains sophisticated tools for supporting all work packages through the entire legacy modernization lifecycle including analyis, conversion, QA and transition. Tools of LiberatorWorkbench:

  • KnowledgeLiberator for legacy assessment, documentation and modelling
  • DataLiberator for migrating legacy databases
  • CodeLiberator for converting or manipulating legacy application programs
  • AppTester for test automation i legacy modernization projects

KnowledgeLiberator: Understanding legacy

news-image-2KnowledgeLiberator is the starting point in any of our legacy modernization projects. KnowledgeLiberator is a high performance source code processing utility for parsing, documentation and modelling. We use this tool to capture the design or current state of the application. With Knowledge Liberator(TM) all of the information locked in the current application is input to our conversion technology.

DataLiberator: Legacy database migration

news-image-1DataLiberator is the tool for automated migration of legacy schema and data. This tool uses the metadata created by Knowledge Liberator(TM) to migrate data schema, execute normalization and create mappings between original data models to normalized relational database schema. DataLiberator also produces ETL processes to transform legacy data and generate scripting for data load to the target RDBMS or NoSQL database.

CodeLiberator: Language conversion

news-image-2CodeLiberator is the smartest block of our legacy modernization framework for converting complete legacy applications including business logic, UI and data access layers. This tool uses metadata created by Knowledge Liberator(TM) to transform business logic developed in 3rd and 4th generation programming languages into complete new applications using the Java or .NET technology stack. Main features of CodeLiberator:

  • convert business logic from one programming language to the other e.g. COBOL to Java, Natural to Java, PL/I to Java, etc.
  • convert different legacy user interfaces like 3270 CICS/BMS, IMS-DC, Unix terminals to thin client solutions JSF, HTML/JavaScript (reactive programming) with JSON etc.
  • convert embedded data access in legacy applications to execute the same logic on migrated databases, preserving all data retrieval and manipulation logic on RDBMS, NoSQL or files


AppTester: Test automation

news-image-1AppTester is a useful supporting tool for test automation and validation in automated modernization projects. The role of AppTester is to record test cases on legacy systems (3270, Unix terminal, Windows GUI, batch, etc.), maintain test definitions, replay them on migrated applications in the target scenario, evaluate the results automatically and provide overall statistics of success and coverage rate. Regression testing and QA is critical for all iterative modernization projects so this tool greatly reduces risk and required effort.