Test Automation

Test Automation in migration projects

Testing is a critical phase of any legacy modernization or migration project. In case of a 1:1 functional migration the new system should provide the original identical data, services and results. The migrated system’s behavior needs to be compared and validated against the original legacy system.
Testing usually takes quite a long time and uses significant amount of resources considering the size of a typical legacy application which may be several millions LOC with thousands of business functions and processes. Regression testing also increases the testing effort.
Test automation in modernization and migration projects is essential and shall greatly reduce the testing effort and eliminate the time consuming manual testing.

FreeSoft’s answer to this challenge is a unique test automation engine specifically designed for legacy migration validation during migration projects. Our solution AppTester is a test automation tool that is fully integrated with the other tools in the LiberatorWorkbench. AppTester allows recording of test cases in various legacy environments both for on-line and batch functions, and playing them back on the migrated system with automated comparison of execution results. AppTester provides dashboard, statistics, full testing history, test case definitions maintenance and other features for testing automation processes.