ADABAS migration

ADABAS migration to RDBMS

FreeSoft’s DataLiberator engine provides end-to-end ADABAS migration solution to various relational database engines like Oracle, Microsoft MSSQL server, mainframe DB2 or open system DB2/UDB on LUW, PostgreSql, MySql or others. The ADABAS to Oracle (or other relational engine) migration solution generates all requested scripting and process input for the DBA to execute a fully automated ADABAS migration procedure.

ADABAS schema migration

The basic requirement for ADABAS migration is to create a relational mapping for legacy ADABAS databases that also fit a Java application converted from the Natural application. DataLiberator parses first ADABAS definitions – both physical definitions from FDT and logical from Natural DDM – and automatically creates a normalized relational model. All specific features of ADABAS is supported and handled properly during the schema migration, like multiple field (MU) and periodic group (P)E normalization, super and sub-descriptors etc. The schema conversion and normalization process can be adjusted to fit performance needs while the naming convention during ADABAS artifact migration is also flexible.

ADABAS data migration

DataLiberator also covers ETL processes and scripting for the data migration of ADABAS unloaded data to the target database schema. The data may arrive from Mainframe or open system ADABAS installation either in compressed or decompressed format. DataLiberator transforms the ADABAS data according to the generated target relational schema data definitions and finally it executes the data load processes as well. ETL processes are generally time sensitive tasks considering the available time window for switch-over or go-live so DataLiberator is designed for utilizing available system resources in a highly efficient manner when running end-to-end ADABAS migration processes.

Data reconciliation for ADABAS migration

Mainframe or open system ADABAS databases usually store financial or other business critical data for the organizations and enterprises. For such ADABAS migration projects it is crucial to provide a proof that 100% of the legacy data records are migrated to the new target database in the proper data format. DataLiberator provides data validation programs and processes enabling DBA and system administrators to execute data reconciliation tasks for auditing purposes during ADABAS migration projects.

The ADABAS migration process utilizes the same conversion repository as the Natural conversion process, so the database and application source code elements are generated consistently, ensuring that a properly executable Natural/RDBMS application is implemented during the project. For further details about automated conversion of complete Natural applications to Java or .NET please visit the Natural conversions page.