Understanding your legacy is the alpha of any legacy migration or modernization projects and any initiatives starts with a discovery phase. FreeSoft’s KnowledgeLiberatorTM is the tool for creating a complete repository of legacy assets and support the development of modernization project roadmap through its code assessment features. KnowledgeLiberator is a high performance source code processing utility for parsing, documentation and modelling. With KnowledgeLiberator all the information locked in the current application can be used as input to our conversion technology. This specifically designed automated assessment solution has been utilized for processing hundreds of millions of lines of legacy code of various kind like Natural, COBOL, PL/I, ObjectStar, JCL and other 4GLs.

Besides crating a smart repository with meta-data KnowledgeLiberatorTM also offers visual visibility of legacy system source inventory. It allows you to export inventory, cross-reference and interaction reports in various formats (xml, pdf, csv) to represent the overall complexity and flow of your legacy applications and support your modernization planning and roadmap development.

KnowledgeLiberator can parse and analyze various legacy languages, like COBOL, PL/1, Natural, ObjectStar, etc. and mainframe scripts, like JCL, REXX, etc.

The results of an analysis can be used to answer questions about the project and provide support in

  • estimating the size of the migration tasks,
  • planning the migration,
  • revealing dependencies, interoperations, and complexity,
  • discovering missing components and inconsistencies,
  • documenting the available assets.

These results can be visualized using an intuitive web based user interface.

Starting point, legacy modernization projects

With further analysis weak links in the dependency graph can be identified that helps in dissecting/decomposing large systems (monoliths) into smaller components, which helps in the transition towards microservices.

The output of the initial legacy discovery and assessment phase is being used in code, data and environment conversions later by other tools of the LiberatorWorkbench.


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