Our Technology


    The methodology reflects FreeSoft’s principal for high level of automation and utilizes short and agile iteration cycles by repeating code conversion processes and eliminating any manual intervention in generated code elements. The iterative and agile code conversion processes can be adjusted and adapted according to client specific needs for coding style or architectures / frameworks used in the target scenario.

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    FreeSoft has developed its own unique legacy modernization framework called that LiberatorWorkbench that is capable for modernizing different legacy applications, databases and environments to more modern technologies. Our primary goal was to produce a toolkit that supports all work packages through the entire legacy modernization lifecycle including preparation, conversion, QA and transition.

    We run quite intentsive R+D activity at FreeSoft so LiberatorWorkbench is continuously evolving by adapting the latest architectures and standards of IT. The modernization framework is built from plug-ins by applying a unified concept so the different legacy technologies and target architecture elements are added to it in a straightforward way.

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