Software modernization

Your business processes are strategic assets of your company. These assets are locked away in outdated and most probably quite expensive proprietary systems and application environments which are difficult to integrate into a modern architecture. Protecting these assets while freeing them to evolve with innovations in information technology should be a key goal of every organization.

Modernization is the way to take advantage of new technologies while protecting your application investment and unlocking the potential of legacy data. Modernization also lowers cost and positions your company to better take advantage of new technologies in support of new business requirements.


FreeSoft develops and delivers a variety of legacy migration and modernization services to the legacy user community. Our focus is the high-platform systems like Mainframes with COBOL, PL/I, Natural/ADABAS, VSAM, JCL, etc. We can assist you with transitioning you mission critical applications to more modern technology platforms with a particular emphasis on technology stacks like Java, cloud, RDBMS, NoSQL.

Most likely you have already been faced with the brittleness of your legacy systems like:

  • finding and retaining qualified staff always becomes harder if not impossible
  • long time-to-market, time consuming and expensive maintenance practice
  • painful integration issues that would be simple and straightforward on newer platforms
  • high operational costs of proprietary software that should be replaced with “commodity” type software

Enterprises that utilize traditional/mainframe software environments faced with the demands of increasing workloads and static resources are challenged especially in finding ways to allow their systems to evolve and adapt to new demands. CIOs are often forced to decide between continued investment in less malleable development platforms such as COBOL, PL/I, Natural or embracing newer, more flexible paradigms such as the Java enterprise technology stack. They are seeking ways to extend and enhance their systems while servicing the current demand and lowering the cost of computing.

FreeSoft’s proven automated technology and methods enable you to liberate your legacy applications. By this we mean that applications can be rejuvenated preserving the business logic and re-architected into a modern, flexible, adaptable architecture.