JCL conversion

JCL migration

FreeSoft’s LiberatorWorkbench converts Mainframe JCL to open system solutions like shell scripts, Windows scripts or platform independent Java/XML. Main features of the job control language are supported and we also provide a replacement for the some of the key utilities. The converted output can be maintained easily, the solution uses the most advanced Java and XML technology. The output scripts can be started/managed by any 3rd party Scheduling tool. Storing the JCL job information optionally in a universal format (XML) provides flexibility and portability for the batch execution, in this case FreeSoft’s Java based implementation will execute the batch processes in the target environment.

Solution concept for migrating JCL to open system

news-image-2The scope of Mainframe batch processing in legacy applications generally runs business applications (execute application programs), runs utilities and manages datasets. The migrated JCL and scripting solution ensures the same functionality in the open system implementation by providing:

  • shell scripts and optionally separate files holding job definitions (steps)
  • definitions to replace PROC
  • establishing execution context
  • managing return codes
  • restart features
  • some utilities like SORT with high performance