Partnering with EasiRun Europa

FreeSoft and EasiRun enter into a strategic partnership to leverage each other's expertise and solutions for core and strategic legacy modernization. This symbiosis benefits companies with mission-critical applications by providing comprehensive solutions for measurement and analysis as well as for reducing technical backlogs, risks, security and many other software-relevant aspects. FreeSoft's and EasiRun's approaches fit together perfectly and will provide customers with significant added value by extending their offerings in terms of improved maintenance, integration, quality and security of applications.

"The partnership with EasiRun is very important to us. We are delighted to have this company at our side with its many years of migration experience, fantastic solution portfolio and excellent customer relationships. The symbiosis of expertise and state-of-the-art technology is particularly evident in the combination with our LiberatorWorkbenchTM Legacy Conversion Framework. This enables us to define continuous software measurement and analysis processes to deliver high quality software solutions" Vladimir Orszagh, CEO of FreeSoft.

Enterprises must constantly find new solutions to keep pace with the demands of digitization, DevOps, time-to-market and cloud computing in the face of increasing complexity and remain competitive.

"FreeSoft is the perfect partner for us," said Donald Fitzgerald, CEO of EasiRun Europe. "FreeSoft's experience and expertise will complement our existing post portfolio. This will allow us to offer an expanded range of services. Ultimately, our customers benefit because they can better manage their complex application portfolios, increase productivity, and reduce testing and programming efforts. Software modernization projects are much easier to manage and control based on objective information".

Partnering with SMA Solutions

FreeSoft has become partner for USA based enterprise wide automation provider SMA Solutions. SMA Solutions was founded by a team of forward-thinking automation experts at NASA capturing the attention of IT managers around the world with the release of the first automation solution, ‘The Scheduler’, which ran on mainframes. Today their enterprise-wide automation solution supports every known operating system, application, platform and ERP system. OpCon supports more than 500 customers in 24 countries, both in the private and public sectors.

Converting ObjectStar

Recently we have warmed up our activity related to TIBCO ObjectStar conversions to Java that we had already started once years ago. Considering the uniqueness of the OBS rule based platform and its control by Metastore, finding a feasible way to convert ObjectStar applications to a web based Java architecture proved to be an exciting technical challenge. Contact us for further information!

MongoDB partnership

FreeSoft has become a partner for MongoDB reported as the leading NoSQL database, with significant adoption among the Fortune 500 and Global 500. Besides traditional SQL based database engines we started to use MongoDB NoSQL database in our internal development projects two years ago. We have also found that MongoDB might also be a good choice for storing legacy data migrated from pre-relational systems where it offers valuable compatibility with legacy type data access methods. As read in an interesting post recently: “They are no longer viewed as antagonists to relational systems, but as systems with special, unique capabilities."