Horst Effenberger, IT manager:
“FreeSoft hat die enorm komplexe Aufgabenstellung sehr gut gelöst. Die Mitarbeiter waren bei uns im Haus tätig, was sicher wichtig für den Erfolg des Projektes war. So konnte in der Testphase beim Auftreten von Fehlern immer sehr schnell reagiert werden.”

Otto Würth, Head of IT, Leasing
“Our new data infrastructure, built on Oracle Database, helps us to design our vehicle leasing in an even more attractive way for our customers and continue to build on the mobility concepts we offer.”


Michael Thomas, IT manager:
“The converter tool of FreeSoft made 1:1 fully automated conversion possible. FreeSoft had the best price quote and they offered the fastest alternative for us. Migration with the converter tool of FreeSoft was the fastest and most cost-effective solution vs. redesign or rewriting.

It was obvious from the first minute that a total manual conversion is impossible. It was also guarantee for us, that we had Oracle Germany as contract partner. During the whole project we had very good relationship both to FreeSoft and to Oracle Germany. They did professional work and we are very satisfied with our decision to make the migration project with FreeSoft. I think it was a really good investment.”

LGN – Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Niedersachsen


Wilfried Hornburg, Project Manager:
“Future maintenance and enhancements are important issues in complex migration projects. This has been secured by the project through the usage of open-source software and the delivery of the well-structured source code.”