FreeSoft recognized as PRODUCT CHALLENGER in ISG Provider Lens™ report for “Mainframes — Services and Solutions” 2022 Europe

Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm has published its ISG Provider Lens™ research for Mainframes — Services and Solutions for 2022.

The ISG Provider Lens™ for Mainframes — Services and Solutions 2022 Europe compares provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators in five different quadrants:

  • Mainframe Application Modernization Software
  • Mainframe Modernization Services
  • Mainframe Application Modernization and Transformation Services
  • Mainframe as a Service
  • Mainframe Operations

ISG recognized FreeSoft as Product Challenger in the Mainframe Application Modernization Software quadrant.

As described by ISG, the Mainframe Application Modernization Software quadrant assesses software vendors that specialize in analyzing and migrating mainframe applications to modern software languages, to move mainframe software to the public or a private cloud. FreeSoft is recognized as one of the Top 19 European providers of software and toolsets that enable legacy application assessments and application conversion. Such Mainframe modernization software includes reverse engineering, business logic mapping, business rules extraction, code review and inspection, documentation, emulators, compilers, frameworks, and application development tools that can accelerate code and application modernization.

Key findings of the ISG Provider LensTM report on FreeSoft:

  • FreeSoft applies a holistic methodology and provides solutions for modernizing complete applications. Its main offering is automated transformation to Java, cloud and finally microservices. It converts complete applications, including database and application source code, and creates the elements of a new Java application with a standard architecture.
  • Highly automated legacy transformation and modernization approach. FreeSoft covers all project phases in cloud or on-premises infrastructures. The highest level of automation is applied in any processes that are running in more iterations to mitigate risk of manual tasks, including language transformation. That provides predictability for the most sensitive and complex process within mainframe migration projects, which is the code transformation part.
  • Excellent tools: FreeSoft is a small team with proven experience and uses its proprietary modernization framework the LiberatorWorkbenchTM. Consequently, it maintains and continuously develops its tools to support more legacy technologies and the latest standards in Java. Code quality, maintainability is managed with standards like SonarQube and checks are part of our conversion pipelines. The converted code is high quality Java for humans, maintainable with standard skills, standard tools, and applying OO patterns.

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