FreeSoft recognized as PRODUCT CHALLENGER in ISG Provider Lens™ report for “Mainframes — Services and Solutions” 2023 USA and Europe

Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm has published its ISG Provider Lens™ research for Mainframes — Services and Solutions for 2023.

The ISG Provider Lens™ for Mainframes — Services and Solutions 2023 USA and Europe compares provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators in five different quadrants:

  • Mainframe Application Modernization Software
  • Mainframe Modernization Services
  • Mainframe Application Modernization and Transformation Services
  • Mainframe as a Service
  • Mainframe Operations

ISG recognized FreeSoft as Product Challenger in the Mainframe Application Modernization Software quadrant for USA and Europe.


Key findings of the ISG Provider LensTM report on FreeSoft:

Automated testing comes into focus

Another big trend we saw is the automation of migration and testing processes. There is a lot of information out there about migration dispositions, but testing remains underrated. Testing needs to be comprehensive in case of rearchitecting or transcoding dispositions, as the code base is completely new and needs to be tested like any new application.

Key FreeSoft capability: Support for test case record and replay

Offers specifically developed AppTester tool for converted system testing, with a capture-replay method between legacy and Java.
AppTester supports load and stress tests as well.

FreeSoft’s sweet spot

FreeSoft’s sweet spot in the mainframe modernization market is the combination of its unified framework of software modernization tools, experienced services and a high level of automation in code conversion. FreeSoft’s LiberatorWorkbench™ is an integrated framework that supports migrating complex runtime environments on the mainframe.


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