Turn-key projects

news-image-2FreeSoft modernization services cover the entire project life-cycle to achieve production systems. We provide turn-key projects with an architecture driven method, which means we deliver production systems and not just software components that may require significant integration work post delivery. In order to mitigate risks associated with such complex projects we utilize fully automated techniques in each project phase.
Legacy modernization projects are highly complex projects influencing the software development life-cycle and the daily job of all related stakeholders in an organization. Automation ensures not only moderate risk and cost compared to other legacy modernization solutions but stable software code quality a well.

Holistic approach

news-image-1Applying a holistic solution to process all layers of the legacy system including database, application, environment and interfaces together considerably mitigates the associated risk by utilizing the same technology. FreeSoft utilizes its legacy modernization framework for collecting all meta information from the legacy system and also for creating all requested architecture layers of the target system. If different tools or technologies are used to migrate the database separately from the application and other layers, the creation of properly connected components for the new system will lead to undetermined extra effort and risk therefore it should be avoided.

Increased automation through iterations

news-image-2The conversion project methodology is based on short iterative processes. This agile concept ensures that the migrated system is improved in every cycle. Iterations improve the quality of the final deliverables in a cyclic manner so that the following steps are repeated in a cycle until the new system passes the pre-defined tests:

  • legacy source code parsing, modelling
  • code conversion, generating DDL, application source code, scripting
  • build, compile
  • testing (unit; functional; performance)
  • fixing