Mainframe DB2 migration to Oracle and COBOL re-platforming

The client is a supermarket chain having stores in Northern California, Nevada, and New Mexico. FreeSoft as a technology provider and migration partner was involved as a subcontractor of leading RDBMS vendor of the world in Client’s Data Warehouse migration project.

The Project

Migration was necessary because of high maintenance cost and the obsolete technology and environment.

The original system was operating on an OS/390 machine based on IBM DB2. The database contained 1 TB data that was stored in hundreds of tables (most of them were partitioned). The ETL processes were mapped in Cobol programs and SQL procedures called from JCL.

The target of the project was to migrate the DB2 database schema to Oracle on open system, transform and load the data and finally re-platform the ETL processes.


FreeSoft utilized its LiberatorWorkbench framework to deliver the project. The following tools were used:

  • KnowledgeLiberator for analyzing the DB2 schema and control files
  • KnowledgeLiberator for analyzing the SQL procedures
  • DataLiberator for converting the Oracle schema and SQL procedure, and generating scripting for data transform and load process
  • CodeLiberator for COBOL re-platforming

Benefits realized by customer

  • Retire DB2 on the mainframe, use only the Oracle database in the UNIX environment
  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency

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