Ingres database and 4GL migration to Oracle

The customer Corning is one of the world’s leading producers of fiber-optic cable. It also produces fiber optic components, liquid crystal display glass, projection video lenses, laboratory equipment, substrates for emissions control and specialty glass such as high purity fused silica – a glass used in space shuttle windows and telescope mirror blanks, used in observatories around the world.

The Project

Corning GmbH decided to migrate its Ingres databases and ABF applications to Oracle platform, including the database schema, 4GL procedures, rules, events and the data. The original application contained ca. 0.5 millions of line of code and more than 1,000 screens.


FreeSoft utilized its LiberatorWorkbench framework to deliver the project. The operating system for the legacy database was OPEN/VMS running on an COMPAQ-ALPHA and that was not changed. The Ingres database was converted to Oracle while Ingres ABF clients were converted to Oracle clients running on Microsoft Windows.

Benefits realized by customer

  • Retire Ingres database and outdated ABF platform
  • Implement business logic on strategic Oracle stack

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