Informix 4GL and database migration to Java and Oracle

The client LGN – Lower-Saxonian Cadastral Administration Agency (public administration, Germany) decided to migrate its administration system (AGN) from Informix 4GL platform to Java using FreeSoft’s LiberatorWorkbench technology with Siemens Business Services being the prime contractor and a strategic partner in migration services.

The Project

The Application serves 14 Authorities for Geo-information, Land and Real Estate Management with 53 local cadastral offices. The size of the original 4GL application was in the magnitude of 400 forms and 350,000 lines of code.

Primary objective of the project was to migrate the AGN application with all functionality from Informix 4GL to Java. The conversion was accomplished in three phases:

  • Automated conversion of Informix 4GL to Java
  • Database migration from Informix to Oracle
  • Testing and QA, tuning


The project was a typical but complex migration process with the following major work groups:

  • Planning the target scenario
  • Prototype
  • Automated migration oif the database and application conversion
  • Testing and QA, iterations
  • Implementation and training

Benefits realized by LGN

  • Saving the value in legacy IT assets by moving business logic to strategic Java and Oracle platform
  • Isolating core business logic from external interfaces such as reporting and XML-processing

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